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suckling pig boned and rolled


  1. Roasting your exclusive boned and rolled suckling pig
  2. On receipt of your piglet always store below 5oc and check the date on the package, the piglets have a short shelf life due to the nature of the way its been reared on a milk only diet
  3. So first thing preheat your oven to 185oc, rinse the pig in cold slightly salted water and pat dry, then rub with generously with olive oil, salt and stuff the cavity with and aromatic herbs of your choice,
  4. I use fresh sage and a few chunks of green apple.
  5. Place pig in tin foil, loosely turning the foil on sides, place in heavy bottom roasting tray and place in top of oven for 45 minutes a kilo until rich golden color and crisp skin
  6. Rest for twenty minutes or so before carving
  7. To carve the boned and rolled pig simply rest for 20 minutes or so then carve straight through the saddle taking a full medallion of pork each
  8. Minimum core temperature should reach 75 oc when probed!