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Seam Cuts Seem Sensational

Blog • May 19th 2017
butcher making seamless cuts

Chris Berry finds out how marrying traditional breeds and traditional cutting techniques create the perfect taste experience

Sourcing only the best traditional native grass fed breeds of beef, lamb and pork from dedicated livestock farmers who hold animal husbandry in the highest regard is the vital first base towards Farmison & Co's philosophy in offering tender, succulent mouth-watering dishes. Elite produce from fabulous rural environments is their foundation and the first consideration.

The quality assurance that is sought from excellent livestock breeders who produce cattle, sheep and pigs of classic conformation and proportionate ratio of flavoursome meat to melting muscle offers the ideal opportunity for Farmison & Co customers to enjoy and experience taste sensations through many varied cuts and esteemed butchery techniques.

Cooking fabulously well-farmed stock and professionally cut meat is what all the best chefs yearn for every day and that's one of the main reasons behind seam butchery's recent renaissance. It's also very much an essential element at Farmison & Co


Although top chefs will be familiar with seam butchery the term has not been widely expounded for many years. The art form uses a cutting technique that has been around for centuries and many believe it to be the best way of ensuring greater consistency of succulence on the plate.

The clue to what seam butchery is all about is extremely straight forward and probably exactly as it may seem. Separation of joints of meat is undertaken by cutting along the natural breaks in anatomical structure - the seams. It's as simple as that.

When meat is cut into larger slabs, as it often is, the cuts can include many different muscles that all have individual textures and these can work against each other when all cooked together as every muscle needs to be cooked differently. The seam cut means the cut of meat includes just one individual muscle and this in turn brings about a more consistent product throughout and a more level taste experience.

One renowned professional seam butcher puts the case for seam butchery like this: 'If you've ever had a cut of meat that was overcooked and chewy on one side yet perfect and tender on the other the chances are that it has been cut to have a few different muscles through it. It makes it harder to cook correctly than it would be with a piece of meat that has been seam cut.'


Seam cuts are particularly popular with those who are looking for their beef, lamb or pork ready to cook without too much that can go wrong at home, however it's not so much the ease of cooking that is the reason for customers realising the benefits of seam cuts but the taste sensation it is bringing to Farmison & Co customers whether trying steaks or lamb pot roasts.


Cutting correctly on the grain is one of the many ways in which Farmison & Co is actively ensuring that the quality of the meat being produced by their farmers is valued accordingly. Many livestock producers are also proud showmen and women who are wholly committed to achieving the best in the show ring. The Farmison & Co ethos is to take that winning farming mentality and prepare meat the way top chefs respect for every customer. Seam butchery is just one of many ways - watch out for more!