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Sausages: A British Love Story

Blog • July 21st 2017

They're the easy 'go-to' meal choice for all generations, which many of us Brit's consume at least one day a week. In more recent times, our relationship with sausages has developed further with artisan, individually handmade and flavoursome combinations, including our own unique choices and chef recipes here at Farmison & Co.

Used to create various traditional dishes including a Full English Breakfast, Bangers & Mash and Toad in the Hole, the sausage is a firm favourite for many when simply enjoyed in a humble 'sausage sarnie'.

Sausages are part of our national diet and that's why we at Farmison & Co ensure we secure the best quality supply of meat whether for wild boar, pork, venison or beef sausages.

Today's More Discerning Sausage Lover

All sausages are certainly not the same.

Wild boar, pork, lamb and chicken sausages all provide their own individual flavours, and our distinctive traditional variations such as the Cumberland Swirl and our own Nidderdale range are in big demand.

The newest editions to our range include The Heritage Hot Dog. Our take on the classic hot dog, ours is a made with a blend of heritage breed beef and outdoor reared pork with special seasoning for a slightly sweet and smoky flavour, whilst our pale ale & mustard sausage is a blend of Yorkshire Pig pork, Yorkshire Pale Ale, treacle and a touch of mustard for a rich, savoury flavour with just a hint of sweetness.

Handmade using natural skins from intestines of sheep or pigs, we believe these wholly edible casings to be far superior to commercial artificial synthetic casings.

Independent leading experts commented recently on the mass production of synthetic casings against wholly edible natural skins - 'A natural casing in our opinion gives the best flavour and appearance to the final sausage product. A natural sausage casing enhances and complements the natural juices and quality of the meat and spices. Natural cases permit deep smoke penetration if you are smoking your sausage.'

We believe in natural, traditional, fresh produce with tastes that delight.

We've Taken Them To Our Hearts, But ….

Sausages are not a UK invention.

Evidence suggests they made their debut in what is now Iraq in 4000BC.

References have been made to sausages throughout history from the Ancient Greeks to Romans.

Greek poet Homer included sausages in his works and a play was written about a sausage vendor becoming an elected leader.

One of the most famous sausage varieties is Lucanica from Italy.

Sausages became so-named in the UK in the 15th century when sausage was spelt SAWSYGE.

The name was derived from the French SAUSSICHE, which was derived from the Latin word SALSICA (which means salted).

Quality Counts - Our Manifesto

Freshly made, naturally skinned, healthy meat balance and distinctive, mouth-watering texture and flavour are the Farmison & Co manifesto commitments for sausages of all regional variations.

There are minimum standards on the amount of meat that should be present in every sausage produced in the UK and we believe ours are way ahead in terms of succulence, substance and sumptuousity (don't look it up in the dictionary, it's our unique word for describing what we produce).

Secret Chef Recipes - Our Pledge

You wouldn't expect us to give anything away here would you?

After all, if our recipes are a secret we can't tell you what they are.

What we can tell you is that the meat that goes into all of our sausages comes from the most naturally grass fed livestock, reared by farmers who put animal husbandry first and foremost before commercial concerns and that the lean-to-fat ratio is paramount at Farmison & Co.

Our sausage making butchers are all artisan, hands-on professionals who are with us because they believe in providing the tastiest, most mouth-watering, gourmet conscious, succulent experience you could ever want or need.

Just take a look at our range, taste them and we're confident you'll agree.

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