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Valentine's Day Meal Boxes

Our Valentine's Day meal boxes for two are the heart of a romantic evening dining in. Complete with hand-picked delicacies from British artisanal suppliers, our luxurious selection of meal boxes are bursting with delicacies to enjoy for your Valentine's Day meal for two.

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Valentine’s Day Meal Boxes

For Any Night of the Week

Celebrate your love for one another with a romantic Valentine's Day meal box. Set with the ingredients you need to create a special evening meal at home. What is great about these boxes is that you get Michelin Starred meat as standard. Making the dine at home experience feel more like restaurant quality with every bite. With a wide selection of boxes on offer, including the steak tasting meat box, discover the best way to choose British beef steaks now with our steak guide.

British breeds for Valentine’s Day Meal Boxes

We give thanks to our Master Butchers, who prepare our sustainably sourced meat for every order. It is this individual care and attention which has allowed our meat to be chosen by Michelin Starred restaurants based on the quality and cut. But our mission is to ensure the quality found in these restaurants is available for home delivery too. We believe the secret ingredient to this high quality flavour is all in the breeds themselves. At Farmison, we only use British and Heritage breeds that are slow reared for superior flavour. Taste the difference for yourself in our Valentine's Day meal boxes.

Buy Valentine’s Day Meal Boxes with Confidence

We are proud to have won the Online Butchers Shop of the year award three times, so we know we are serving the highest quality meat available. Inside each of our Valentine's Day boxes, are cuts of meat that have been expertly handled by our Master Butchers. This can provide you the confidence that each roasting joint of lamb or beef has been prepared to the finest standard possible. Start your journey to Eat Better Meat™ with Farmison & Co, where you can trace all meat products back to the source.