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32 Day Dry Aged Côte De Boeuf


we'll choose from our selection of available breeds

Smallholding Farms In & Around Yorkshire

Weight: 1 x 900g

Serves: 2-4

Available: Any delivery date



Great Taste 2019 Award Winner - 2 Stars

This Côte de Boeuf is a wonderful cut of beef rib and much like its French-trimmed counterpart, is characterised by its natural fat covering and succulence. Dry-age matured on the bone, the meat succumbs to caramelisation upon cooking, which when coupled with the use of free-range grass-fed beef and dry-age maturing techniques, makes for naturally tender meat with outstanding flavour. The rustic finish keeps hold of some of the tastiest chunks of meat, that when well charred, unleash ultimate flavour perfect for generous steak dinners and special occasions.

What the judges said:

"Corrr! Our mouths were watering when this arrived. Very open textured beef full of clean grassy flavour. The yellow fat is melt in the mouth, buttery and creamy. The beef is so juicy and tender and we couldn't stop eating it. The maturity isn't too much, just enough to enhance the flavour of this beast. Well looked after and butchered with expertise."

Shelf life: minimum 6 days.

Free Range
Grass Fed

How to cook Rustic Cote De Boeuf

Adored by the French, this eye catching beef rib provides luscious, rich meat perfect for a special treat, earning its stature as the iconic brasserie steak. Fry on a high heat, cooking for five to six minutes each side for a medium rare finish and serve with homemade chips, béarnaise sauce, and salad.

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About the cut

Cote De Boeuf

Also known as Fore Rib Steak, this is a majestic French inspired cut for feasting, on the bone for full flavour and cut from grass fed beef. A French brasserie favourite, this rib cut promises rich marbling through the joint, while the rib bone also gives the meat flavour upon cooking. To complement this, our Côte De Boeuf have been dry aged matured to further tenderise the meat, expect the highest praise from your guests when you serve this extremely special steak.

About the breed


we'll choose from our selection of available breeds

Tasting notes:
Smallholding Farms In & Around Yorkshire

It's good to eat and enjoy heritage breed meat from British breeds, showing farmers that there is a market for their herds and flocks and encourage them to rear them. Without a demand for their meat, many breeds would die out altogether. When intensive farming reigned unchallenged in the second half of the last century, many of our traditional breeds all but disappeared because they don't take kindly to factory farming. We want to change this and help more people realise that we need to safeguard the natural biodiversity of our farm animals and to demand meat with intrinsic flavour that comes from higher welfare systems. All of our meat fits that bill perfectly.

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