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Lorne Sausage

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Serves: 4
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The Lorne Sausage is a Scottish speciality from Argyll, flat and square, and is typically served as part of traditional breakfast or in a hearty bread roll. Ours are crafted by hand and a nourishing way to start the day, with the satisfying flavour of free range pork and heritage breed beef to warm the cockles. The additions of delicate spices complement the beef and pork to ensure the integrity of our flavoursome meat, and promise a flat sausage with bite.

Also known as a square sausage or sausage slice, the Lorne Sausage is typically made from minced meat, rusk, and spices and is a staple of Scottish breakfasts. They’re rarely seen on English or Welsh butchery boards, but north of the border these sausages are a staple of the trade. We’ve put a great deal of time into getting our blend just right, with the perfect ratio of crumb, beef, pork, and spices for the right finish.

This is a key component for an abundant cooked breakfast. Let your sausages come to room temperature before cooking. Preheat the pan with a fine film of oil. Don’t overcrowd the cooking base, and cook through on a medium heat, until rich in colour, caramelised and firm to touch. This product should be cooked thoroughly.

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