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Heritage Breed Pork & Caramelised Onion Sausage

This Week's Breed Is Saddleback

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A must-try for supporters of our mission to revive heritage breeds, these sausages are crafted for the connoisseur to taste the unadulterated flavours of our heritage pork breeds. The sausage meat is minced by hand for close texture and we keep additions to a minimum for a generous pork content. The caramelised onion and subtle spices have been blended for just a hint of delicate flavour, complementing and enhancing the quality pork.

We change the heritage breed these sausages are made with at regular intervals, depending on the exciting breeds coming into our store. The high meat content is because fillers are kept to a minimum, while we use lamb casings for these sausages, which are naturally thinner and allow the pork’s flavour come to the fore. Mincing by hand ensures a chunky and close texture.

Not your everyday sausage, this unique creation is a fun way to discover heritage breeds in your kitchen. Every thought has been paid to how to bring out the natural flavour, and for this reason the sausage meat is minced by hand and features a blend of delicate spices. For best results pan fry the sausages over a medium to high heat until rich in colour, caramelised and firm to touch.

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