7 Day Dry-aged Yorkshire Pig Belly Pork Rolled

Region: Yorkshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 4 Days

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Can Be Frozen Great Britain Native Breed

The Pork Belly is a British favourite with the creamy layering of fat offering rich succulence. The belly is carefully rolled by our Master Butcher as a neat joint to contain the flavour and is well suited to slow roasting. The impressive character of the pork belly reflects the rich diets of our free range hogs which are allowed to mature at their own pace for the best results in the kitchen.

The Yorkshire Pig is the world’s most popular breed. They’ve been exported to all corners of the globe due to their ability to get big quick, and provide consistent pork with strong, porky flavour. When sourcing our Yorkshires, we source hogs who are reared to maturity at a slow pace, in the great outdoors. This ensures the melting succulence when cooked, and the beautiful creamy character.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Succulent, Creamy

A staple of the pork butcher's trade, the belly is carefully boned and rolled, with ample crackling to go round and a generous layering of creamy fat that gives the meat its flavour and natural juiciness. Matured for 14 days, the belly demonstrates why our native breed pork is so special, and sourced from hogs allowed to mature.
The quality of our native breed pork belly makes for a delicious joint perfect for a slow roasting as well as being well suited to marinating. Try roasting on a trivet of onion, carrot, and celeriac to give the Rolled Pork Belly aroma, and serving with mashed potatoes, carrots, and seasonal green vegetables.
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