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July Update From The Dales & Fells

Blog • July 3rd 2017
Pair of Black and White Cows on Dartmoor Moorland

With summer well underway, our farmers have been busy shearing sheep to keep them cool under the sunshine. Whilst the sun is the only thing on our minds right now, our farmers spend their summer planning ahead for winter, making sure they have enough grass stored for their cattle to last the colder months. Whether the breed comes indoors for the winter or are hardy enough to stay outdoors, the snow covers the ground and they can't get the nutrients from the grass and soil that they need, so instead they rely on the dried grass that has been stored up to keep them well nourished and grass-fed all year round.

Whilst it is important for our farmers to look ahead, winter is far from our minds right now as we're busy enjoying all there is to love about summer! Picnics in the park, the stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales in the sunshine and working our way through our selection of ever growing barbecue cuts. To help you make the most of the long, bright summer nights, we've been busy adding to our range and are excited to introduce the newest items spicing up our range this summer:

First up, the new moroccan spiced Merguez Sausage.The lamb for this sausage is cut from the shoulder and neck for meat with maximum flavour and then blended with harissa and toasted cumin spicing to give it a kick. Cook over the coals and enjoy the smoky aroma of the sausage alongside lamb chops, couscous & hummus.

For an authentic Indian bite, try our new Chicken Koftas alongside cool yoghurt relish, fragrant basmati rice and a wedge of freshly cut lime. These delicious patties are a combination of ground chicken together with ginger juice, fresh coriander, apple and a blend of Indian spices - a real treat for the tastebuds. We're sure once you taste these it'll be love at first bite, so we've added them to this week's Eat Better Meat All Week Box for you to try with our compliments.

All the best,

John & Lee,

Farmison & Co