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Introducing the Lean Meat Box For Flexitarians

Blog • September 2nd 2018
lean box for flexitarians

To cater not only to devotees of delicious tasting meat who are chasing the flexitarian dream, but also to the fitness fans who are looking for low fat, high protein great quality meat to pack a punch, the butchery team at Farmison & Co has devised a new Flexitarian Lean Meat Box.

It gives two people three meat meals per week throughout the course of a month, with a great deal of variety and some tips and recipes to aid and abet the demonstration of some serious culinary prowess. The Herb Fed chicken breasts, for example, are layered with the fragrant flavours of 10 different fresh herbs that are the staple diet of these free ranging chickens. Then there's Heritage Breed Hanger Steak, Yorkshire Pig Pork Fillet Escalope, The Artisan Chicken Chicken Burger, Venison Haunch Steak and the list goes on.

And why, pray tell, are they doing this? Because they are in a unique position to be able to offer a wide range of the healthiest meat on the market to cater to growing demand. The general chatter around about provenance, traceability and high standards of animal welfare; flexitarianism; high protein nutritious meat; the increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan food (hot on the heels of Anna Jones's A Modern Way to Eat and Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty come the BOSH boys from Sheffield); not to mention Sheila Dillon delving into the government's Eatwell Plate on BBC Radio 4's Food Programme; plus general resolutions for healthier lives cannot have escaped your notice.

As meat has been an intrinsic part of our diet for over two million years, it's not going anywhere just yet. However, this increasing interest in what we're putting into our bodies has raised some real questions as to what kind of meat we should be eating. The short answer is that it needs to be nutritious, free from antibiotics and from animals that are slow grown, grass fed, free range and well cared for.

This is where Farmison & Co step in. If flexitarianism has passed you by, the nutshell version is that flexitarians are eating a little less meat in order to incorporate a little more plant-based food and fish into their diet, and the trend is on the rise. So, because they're only allowing themselves a reduced intake of meat (the average monthly recommendation of red meat is no more than 2,520g, which equates to around 90g per day - processed meat is even less), they need to be sure of the quality that they are eating.

The same goes for the fitness fans. The meat that Farmison & Co champion comes from independent artisan farmers in the north of England. Their animals are pure breeds - native to the shores of the UK and take longer to grow large enough for market. The beef, for example, being grass fed beef not only tastes significantly better - particularly if it's been dry aged for two weeks or more - but is also an excellent source of iron, vitamin B12 and omega 3. And beef isn't the only meat to be rich in minerals and omega 3. Game (venison, partridge, grouse, pheasant etc) not only boasts these benefits - it is also lean, in plentiful supply and easy on the wallet.

For the autumn / winter season, Farmison & Co will be offering recipes from eminent food writers and chefs to accompany the Lean Meat Box For Flexitarians, which is delivered fresh, without requiring a signature, and the meat can easily be frozen.

Each box costs £70.00, which works out at £5.38 per meal for two… not bad when you think of the guaranteed quality and wonderful tasting produce that you will get and how much it would cost you in a half decent restaurant. Further down the line, you'll be able to subscribe to a monthly box, but, for the moment, you can renew your order if you find that it takes away a lot of hassle as to how to get hold of exquisite tasting meat during the working day.

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