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Cooked by Farmison & Co | A Slow Cook Sensation

Blog • February 13th 2023

At Farmison & Co, we're always striving to ensure our range is the best it can be, working with our resident Michelin-star chef Jeff Baker, farmers and local suppliers to bring you quality flavour using the best of British meat.

We're delighted to bring you our latest range, Cooked by Farmison & Co. Using the classic French cooking technique sous vide, we've made perfecting your favourite roasting joins and slow cook cuts easier and quicker than ever.

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What is sous vide?

Highly regarded by top chefs across the globe, sous vide is a French cooking technique that utilizes precise temperature control, delivering consistent, slow-cooked, succulent results every time. Sous vide literally means 'under vacuum' in French, referring to the vacuum-sealing process before being submerged in a water bath at very precise temperatures. To sous vide has become more and more popular in kitchens across the nation, albeit requires more work and equipment to achieve restaurant-standard for the home cook.

Our brand new range, Cooked by Farmison & Co masters the technique so you don't have to. Our Michelin-starred chef Jeff Baker has applied the favoured sous vide method to our favourite roasting joints, perfect for meat that falls off the bone, without long periods of time spent in the kitchen.

Why should you try our Cooked range?

  • Consistency: due to the nature of the sous vide technique, this range has been slow cooked at a precise temperature and time promising consistent results
  • Time: when it comes to achieving the perfect Sunday roast centerpiece, your joint could be in the oven for at least three hours, our Cooked range promises to half this time.
  • Waste reduction: meat that has been vacuum sealed is 40% more likely to keep its succulence and freshness, meaning less food will be wasted!
  • Flavour: the most important part! Our Cooked range promises the very best flavour, as the meat has been slow cooked in its own juices - ensuring the meat will fall off the bone.

Our Cooked by Farmison & Co range

Developed with the home chef in mind, our Cooked by Farmison & Co range begins with sumptuous roasting joints, ready to roast at home in half the usual cooking time. From free-range whole chicken, to grass-fed topside beef, the range is sure to impress your guests. Slow-cooked using the sous vide method by Jeff, all you need to do is follow the simple cooking instructions to perfect your meat just how you like it.

Want to try the sous vide technique at home?

Our Michelin star chef Jeff Baker has given us some exclusive tips on how to sous vide at home to promise exceptional results. Follow his ultimate guide to give your guests something to talk about!

  1. Choose freshly cut meat
  2. Apply a flavour to the meat and seasoning, remember the flavours are locked in the pouch so you don't need as much as typically used.
  3. Place in a pouch, at this stage you can add a cooking medium such as schmaltz, dripping or a reduced sauce/gravy.
  4. Seal the pouch under vacuum then immerse into preheated water bath set to the cooking temperature.
  5. Cook for designated time then remove from bath and immerse into ice cold water to stop cooking or if using straight away drain excess juices and quick sear or roast to caramelize the exterior
  6. Store in chiller ready for use
  7. When ready for use carefully remove the meat from the pouch, the excess fat or gravy can be used to flavour accompanying dishes.