Yorkshire Pig

The World's Most Popular Pig

Native Breed

The Yorkshire Pig is the world’s most popular breed. They’ve been exported to all corners of the globe due to their ability to get big quick, and provide consistent pork with strong, porky flavour. When sourcing our Yorkshires, we source hogs who are reared to maturity at a slow pace, in the great outdoors. This ensures the melting succulence when cooked, and the beautiful creamy character.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Succulent, Creamy

7 Day Dry-aged Yorkshire Pig St Louis Pork Ribs

1 X 1Kg (2.2lb)


Yorkshire Pig Pork Loin Steak

2 X 200g (7.1oz)


Pork Loin Steak Bundle - Free Range

10 X 200g (7.1oz)

£25.02 (Was £34.75)

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Pork Chop

2 X 300g (10.6oz)


Yorkshire Pig Giant Pork Rib Chop

1 X 750g (1.7lb)


7 Days Dry Aged Yorkshire Pig Pork Rib Eye Steak On The Bone

2 X 285g (10.1oz)


Award Winning

7 Day Dry-aged Yorkshire Pig Pork Fillet Escalope

4 X 160g (5.6oz)


Traditional Italian Style Porchetta

A Roman Specialty Perfect for Large Gatherings

From 1 X 2.25Kg (5lb)

from £34.95

Free Range

Yorkshire Pig Flat Pork Loin

A Pork Roasting Joint With Ample Crackling

From 1 X 750g (1.7lb)

from £10.75

7 Day Dry-aged Yorkshire Pig Boston Butt

1 X 2.5Kg (5.5lb)


7 Day Dry-aged Pork Leg Boned

1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb)


Sweet Peppered Boston Butt

Barbecuing Slow Cook Favourite

1 X 2.5Kg (5.5lb)


New In

7 Day Dry-aged Yorkshire Pig Norwegian Belly

A delicious joint perfect for slow roasting

1 X 2Kg (4.4lb)