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curly coated curiosities of outstanding pork

Tasting notes:
sweet, silky, creamy

Why this breed

At first glance, the Mangalica might be mistaken for another creature. Wrapped in a distinctive woolly coat, they're a hardy breed, well suited to outdoor rearing where they can forage and dig for grubs at their own pace - imbuing the meat with flavour and unrivalled marbling. This curly haired creature is laid back in nature, and were once so prized they traded alongside gold in Central European markets. The mechanisation and rationalisation of agriculture almost drove the breed to extinction, however chefs have led the charge to revive the breed, hailing the Mangalica as the wagyu of the pork world. Traditionally they were reared for lard and prized for their mellow, silky fat, and as you'd expect from this breed, the pork is beautifully marbled throughout. The breed has become popular with home cooks meaning British breeders are able to revive this old-world breed for years to come.