A Rugged Breed of the Scottish Borders

Native Breed

The Galloway, likes its ‘belted’ cousin, is a hardy heritage breed that promises a leaner finish to its beef. The breed’s ability to thrive in tough climes has seen herds spread to all corners of the globe, but they are most at home in the pristine upland landscapes of Northern England and the Scottish Borders. Here they mature at their own pace on wild grazing. That means flavour is given a chance to develop naturally, with their diet giving the meat its juicy character, and gamey flavour.

Tasting Notes: Creamy, Traditional, Grassy

Belted Galloway Fore Rib Of Beef 45 Day Dry Aged

Unique in flavour and raised on the windswept Scottish moors; a treat for your Christmas table

1 X 2.6Kg (5.7lb)


Extra Matured