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irish moiled cow

Irish Moiled

Northern Irish polled beauties

Rare Breed

Tasting notes:
herbal, savoury, rich

Why this breed

The name Moile (or Maol) is derived from the Gaelic language and relates to the dome or mound on top of the cattles head. Irish Moiled is one of our most distinctive breeds of cattle native to Ireland and more specifically they are the only surviving domestic livestock native to Northern Ireland. This medium sized beast is a hornless breed, distinctive and easily recognisable with its red colouring, characteristically marked with a white line on the back and white under parts. Traditionally the Irish Moiled breed are big bellied to consume and digest large quantities of a lesser quality traditional diet. They are happy grazers, and have a taste for willow ash and even rambling ivy, which makes them perfectly suited to conservation grazing projects.