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The Milanese Classic Of Veal Shank

Literally meaning 'bone with a hole' in Italian, these cross cut British veal shanks are the key ingredient in the classic Milanese dish of the same name. Ideal for braising and slow cooking for melting tenderness, the Osso Bucco's prized flavour and character reflect the premium nature of this prime milk fed English veal, making for cooking with character the year round.

An Italian specialty cut, made with British veal sourced from farms with high welfare standards. Osso Bucco are cut across the shanks of the animal to include the bone and a cross section of the shin’s tender meat. The “bone in the hole” refers to the eye of marrow at the centre, which promises real flavours.

Slow cooked or braised, this Osso Bucco promises tenderness, with the delicate meat retaining its character, yet reflecting the flavours it’s cooked alongside. The Italian dish is a warming special ideal for dining the year round, being particularly well suited to serving alongside a saffron risotto.

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