Holstein Marrow Bones

Region: Staffordshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 3 Days

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Can Be Frozen Great Britain

With a high ratio of marrow to bone, leg bones of British veal are superb for creating home made stocks, soups, and broths, with plenty of natural aroma and delicate fragrance to enhance home cooking. Sourced from our English veal, these marrow bones are ordinarily reserved for the restaurant trade, and make for discerning home cooking.

These bones are cut from the leg of the animal where the bone yields the most marrow to promise plenty of flavour, before being prepared into neat, manageable sections of bone. A forgotten delicacy returning once again to British tables, our marrow bones are ordinarily in demand for restaurant stocks, being rare to find for home use.

Perfect for ultimate home made stocks for later cooking and soups, to give subtle flavour. A staple of the top chef's larder, our marrow bones are ideal for using for stocks to freeze down, though can also be used in all manner of dishes, for instance for slow roasting.

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