Pork Chop

Rustic and Succulent Pork Chops

A British favourite of succulent pork prepared into neat chops by our Master Butcher, Pork Chops are a versatile cut, perfect for quick mid week meals or marinating as a barbecue or dinner party dish. Pork chops naturally lend themselves to frying or grilling, with the impressive flavour reflecting the rich diets of our outdoor reared native breed hogs

The history of the chop in modern butchery stretches back to the 17th century, when “Chop Houses” began serving individual portions of meat to punters. The chop as we know it today was born. Our Pork Chops are matured for at least 14 days to intensify the flavour, and cut from the spine to include the bone to offer the character that makes our native breed pork so popular.

The quality of our native breed pork makes for delicious chops, perfect for wholesome and nutritious mid week meals. To fry, add to a hot pan on a high heat cooking for eight minutes one side, and six minutes the other, before leaving to rest for a few minutes. Serve with fat chips, garden peas, and artisan home made ketchup.

Our recipe tips for cooking your pork chop

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Breed Dry Aged Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Yorkshire Pig 14 Days 4 4 X 250g (8.8oz) Balsdon, Summerbridge
North Yorkshire
/ £1.99 each
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Yorkshire Pig 14 Days 2 2 X 250g (8.8oz) Balsdon, Summerbridge
North Yorkshire
/ £2.23 each
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