Ox Heart

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 3 Days

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Serves: 4 1 X 750g (1.7lb) £5.95
/ £5.95 each
Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Great Britain
A superb, flavoursome cut, but now largely forgotten and underused, Ox Heart is slightly similar to liver in texture and taste, and promises great value cooking. The Ox Heart is part of our commitment to offer cuts that have fallen out of the popular imagination, but showcase some of the best of British artisan butchery as well as the quality of our pedigree beef, and make for incredible cooking.
The size and weight of the Ox Heart takes many by surprise, with some being as large as a rugby ball. Unlike other cuts which often have connective tissue or marbling which add tenderness to slow cooking, the Ox Heart is tightly packed and dense meat. As such it's a fantastic and affordable alternative to many other prime cooks, but no less in flavour.
Not just for the adventurous, Ox Heat is a culinary specialty found in cuisines all over the world. Cook slowly for a rewarding meal, or if you're feeling a little more adventurous, thinly slice and quickly char keeping the heart as pink as possible for a delicious South American style meal.
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