Wood Smoked Lardons

Region: Farmison & Co North Yorkshire

Shelf Life: Min. 8 Days

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Smoked Great Britain

A staple of French cuisine, and well suited to adding to a variety of dishes, our lardons are naturally imbued with deep flavour owing to the use of native breed pork belly, which is then enhanced by smoking the lardons over wood. As such these ready cut lardons lend deep and delicious flavours to home cooking, and should never be far from the home cook’s pantry.

Lardons are usually cut from the belly, and ours are no different, giving the distinctive layering of the rich fat and pink pork meat to each cube. Taken from hogs that have been allowed to mature at their own pace on hearty diets, the belly offers some of the best flavours the animal has to offer, and are constantly in demand from chefs demanding only the best for their kitchens.

The standout flavour of these lardons makes for a handy flavour enhancer for the chef or home cook, with these cubes of natural pork well suited to a variety of dishes. Try adding to your Coq Au Vin and Beef Bourguignon to lend real depth of taste to special occasions, and alternatively include in your everyday repertoire to add irresistible smokiness.

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