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better meat

for butchers' week

The 4th - 10th March is National Butchers' Week, a celebration of the great skill required for this ancient profession. In our butchery, years of knowledge and experience is on show and goes into the preparation of every order. We want you to appreciate better meat for butcher's week.

In 2020 we welcomed our first butcher's apprentice to F&Co - the first of many. We are ensuring these skills will not be lost, and that our better meat will be treated with the respect and skill it deserves in the future. There is no better place to learn, with the wealth of grass-fed heritage breeds on our doorsteps at our Ripon base, all coming into our dedicated dry-aging store.

A big part of what we do is encourage people to try new cuts of meat. Often referred to as 'butcher's cuts,' these were often traditionally reserved for the butcher's own table. See below our Butchery Production Manager's own picks for trying something new and alternative, and appreciating the skill of our butchers this National Butcher's Week.

ask the butcher

with Danny Taylor

We know some people can find it daunting to ask a butcher for advice, so we sent out a message on our social media calling for questions you've always wanted to ask! Following your questions, we sat down with our Butchery Production Manager, Danny Taylor to get his thoughts.

nose to tail what is your favourite cut?

Pork Belly! I love the versatility of this cut, the layering of fat offers rich succulence. It's great for marinating or slow roasting.

your favourite steak?

The rib eye steak! It's full of flavour due to the nuggets of natural fat, it tenderises perfectly when served nice and pink - great for serving with frites and a rich sauce!

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a cut that is often overlooked by the public?

There are always a few hidden gems the public aren't always aware of but for me, it would be the lamb shanks, they boast melting tenderness if cooked long and slow, the meat just falls away from the bone! It's definitely a favourite of mine and something that tends to be overseen!

the holy grail method to cook a steak medium rare?

Preheat a very hot cast iron skillet. Rub the steak with duck or goose fat and season with the best quality sea salt. For a classic 8oz rib eye, sear 2 minutes each side then lower the heat, add a good dollop of butter and baste for an additional minute or two. Always remember to leave the steak to rest for a good 5 minutes before serving.

behind every good butcher

there's a brilliant supplier

We wouldn't have become the multi award-winning online butcher we are today without a brilliant local supply chain.

It's true, behind every good butcher is a good supplier. Based in North Yorkshire, we're lucky enough to be surrounded by the very best, producing the finest quality beef, lamb, pork and chicken this country has to offer.

We're big believers of farmers as partners. We know them well, and work very closely with them and have done for years. They continue to impress our Master Butchers with the quality of their produce.

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what is

dry aged meat?

Experiences in taste and texture are what Farmison & Co is all about, providing high quality beef cuts that produce sensations on the palate and in the mouth. Restaurateurs are in no doubt and will without question always favour dry aged beef for its constant delivery of class from grass. Farmison & Co want to bring the best quality of every type of meat and it's why they spend so much time and effort providing restaurant quality British beef cuts for home consumers.

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our master butcher at work

How to butcher a whole fillet of beef

Award Winning Online Butcher’s Shop

Being primarily an online butcher, we want to ensure the quality meat you recieve in top restaurants is accessible to you in your homes.

Our meat is renowned by home cooks and top chefs alike for both the quality and the outstanding flavours. A stage in the award process is for the judges to receive a range of our products (ordered under an assumed name), which is then tried and tested against other finalists. By winning the online butcher award several times can showcase our process and quality is of a high standard which you can trust time and time again.

Highlighting just a handful of our products, we are proud to provide some of the finest, British beef, pork and grass-fed lamb breeds in the world. Alongside encouraging the nation to eat better quality meat, we aim to return heritage breeds, which were close to extinction, back to the dining room tables of Britain.

The difference you can expect to see from Farmison's breeds, in comparison to other supermarket products, is more marbling and fuller flavours. Take our beef roasting joints for example, the rich marbling of the breed alongside our dry-ageing process makes for a delicious meal to be enjoyed by the whole family. We all know good things take time, which goes for dry-ageing too. This process can range between 32 to 100 days. The results one cooked, leave an unforgettable taste and texture from every mouthful!

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