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better meat

for butchers' week

The 7th - 13th March is National Butchers' Week, a celebration of the great skill required for this ancient profession. In our butchery, years of knowledge and experience is on show and goes into the preparation of every order. We want you to appreciate better meat for butcher's week.

In 2020 we welcomed our first butcher's apprentice to F&Co - the first of many. We are ensuring these skills will not be lost, and that our better meat will be treated with the respect and skill it deserves in the future. There is no better place to learn, with the wealth of grass-fed heritage breeds on our doorsteps at our Ripon base, all coming into our dedicated dry-aging store.

A big part of what we do is encourage people to try new cuts of meat. Often referred to as 'butcher's cuts,' these were often traditionally reserved for the butcher's own table. See below our Master Butcher's own picks for trying something new and alternative, and appreciating the skill of our butchers this National Butcher's Week.

ask the butcher

with Andrew Carrington

We know some people can find it daunting to ask a butcher for advice, so we sent out a message on our social media calling for questions you've always wanted to ask! Following your questions, we sat down with our Master Butcher Andrew Carrington to get his thoughts.

nose to tail what is your favourite cut?

Beef cheeks! They're so tender when slow cooked and take on great flavours - whether you're cooking a classic Daube, or adding flavours from the East.

your favourite steak?

The hanger (or onglet). With offal like flavour that's long on the palette, and when served nice and pink, this is the ultimate steak frites!

Add some to your next order here and let us know what you think.

a cut that is often overlooked by the public?

There's a few hidden gems to discuss here. Ox Tongue is so diverse once cooked. It's great sliced thin and served cold with mustard in an old English sandwich, or sliced, charred and served on top of a bowl of savoury lentils spiked with aged sherry vinegar and freshly cut parsley!

A couple of other honourable mentions are lamb sweetbreads when in season and pork collar (aka rib eye steaks). Sweetbreads are so soft and tender, and the perfume of lamb really shines through. I shallow fry them and pair with wild garlic mayo.

what's the secret to a good sausage mix?

A ratio of good quality pork shoulder and back fat, with the optimum salt level. This, paired with high quality spices and herbs, is the perfect combination and the premium pork flavour should really shine through.

You can browse our sausage range here.

the holy grail method to cook a steak medium rare?

Preheat a very hot cast iron skillet. Rub the steak with duck or goose fat and season with the best quality sea salt. For a classic 8oz rib eye, sear 2 minutes each side then lower the heat, add a good dollop of butter and baste for an additional minute or two. Always remember to leave the steak to rest for a good 5 minutes before serving.

behind every good butcher

there's a brilliant supplier

We wouldn't have become the multi award-winning online butcher we are today without a brilliant local supply chain.

It's true, behind every good butcher is a good supplier. Based in North Yorkshire, we're lucky enough to be surrounded by the very best, producing the finest quality beef, lamb, pork and chicken this country has to offer.

We're big believers of farmers as partners. We know them well, and work very closely with them and have done for years. They continue to impress our Master Butchers with the quality of their produce.

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