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Quick and easy to make, this dish is light, delicate and refreshing.


  1. Chop the choi sum into 3 pieces, stalk and leaves so you get different textures boil a kettle and pour over Udon noodles (leave for 30 seconds turning with a fork).
  2. Take out and put in a bowl.
  3. Roast the seeds and the nuts at around 160 c for 7 minutes add all the remaining ingredients into a bowl so the noodles don't dry out.
  4. Bring a wok or frying pan to high heat almost smoking and cook the bacon in a splash of oil. (You will not need too much oil because of the natural fat in the bacon).
  5. Add all ingredients to the pan
  6. Place a lid straight on top of the pan and give a good shake, serve in a bowl juices and all

Source: The Ginger Bread Kid - Teacup on Thomas Street, Manchester