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chilli jam on bread


The perfect accompaniment for the Jubilee Burger with Blue Stilton and caramelized onions


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C, 350°F, Gas.
  2. Place preserving jars on a metal tray, right side up for 10mins.
  3. Remove carefully and allow to cool.
  4. The lids for your jars will need sterilising too and this can be done by immersing them in a pan of boiling water for 10mins also.
  5. Remove carefully with tongs and allow to dry face down on a clean tea towel.
  6. Add the red chilli and the red pepper to a food processor and blend. ( If you don't have a food processor you can chop finely by hand).
  7. Add cider vinegar to a large pan and warm through.
  8. When cider vinegar is warmed through, remove from heat and add jam sugar, stirring constantly until dissolved.
  9. Put cider vinegar and dissolved sugar on a low heat and add blended chillies, peppers and lime zest. Mix through.
  10. Turn up heat and boil rapidly for 10 mins. Don't leave the pan at this point and reduce heat slightly and stir if it looks like boiling over.
  11. Turn off the heat and let the jam stand for 40 mins.
  12. Spoon jam into sterilised cooled jars.
  13. Allow to cool.
  14. Place wax discs on top and screw on lid.
  15. Label.

Gaynor's Tip: Chilli jam is very versatile. It is a great accompaniment to most meats, hot or cold.

Source: Resident Food Farmison Blogger Gaynor Mairs