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  1. Remove your meat product from the fridge and packaging, placing on a paper towel to lose excess moisture.
  2. If the meat is well marbled - for instance a rib eye steak - there's no need for extra fat to cook it in. If the meat is lean, massage in a small dollop of goose or duck fat, or pomace oil if you're using lighter flavoured meats and poultry.
  3. Heat the griddle or frying pan until smoking hot and place the meat service side down, (the widest most attractive side), and do not move until the meat is seared with a rich nut brown colour. Use all your senses when cooking like this. If it smells good it probably will be!
  4. Turn the meat when coloured and carry on cooking for a few more moments. Once the meat is cooked to your liking - rare is soft to the touch, while well done should feel firm and dense - remove onto a wire tray and rest in a warm place for 5 minutes or so rubbing a knob of good quality butter into the flesh.
  5. This way the protein will relax and the moisture and tenderness levels will increase.
  6. Remember to warm your serving plates and use a really sharp knife to carve.