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Soy Free Chicken from Dr. Paul Talling

Blog • June 17th 2022

We're delighted that we are now stocking soy-free chicken from our long-term farmer, Dr Paul Talling who rears a slow-growing flock of free-ranging chickens in the North York Moors.

Soy has been used to feed livestock for many years, containing all the essential amino acids and complete proteins a chicken needs to grow. However, most soy is being shipped from unsustainable sources across the globe, which in recent years has increased demand for soy-free chicken.

"many growers emphasize they're soy-free on the grower ration, starting when they're 4 or 5 weeks old, but I am very keen to make sure my birds are soy-free from day one" - Dr Paul Talling

Paul has been searching for a way to rear his flock without the use of soy in their feed, researching and trailing alternative, sustainable solutions. After many setbacks, Paul cracked the code and is now proudly 100% soy-free.

Young chicks need plenty of protein to get them going, and it's difficult to achieve without soy, but with Paul's unique system, growing them slowly and not pumping them with high-energy feed, his flock is thriving at their own pace.

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