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Yorkshire Loose Birds Chicken

always free range

chicken how it should be

Tasting notes:
natural, distinct, wholesome

Serves: 6

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Chicken as it should be: plump, succulent and with proper flavour owing to its rich diet. These happy birds are reared with total freedom to roam this farm set on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. Slowly nurtured with a much longer life that other commercially reared chickens, this really has to be tasted to appreciate the exceptional quality. Perfect for roasting whole as a Sunday lunch, with plenty for leftovers.

You can download Jeff Baker's cooking guide and serving suggestions here.

Please note that our whole birds from Loose Birds come with giblets.

Shelf life: minimum 3 days.

Free Range
Grain Fed

about paul and his farm

Up on the North York Moors on a small farm, you'll find our long-term supplier Dr. Paul Talling. Cornish by upbringing - and now an honoury Yorkshireman - Paul relocated to Harome, North Yorkshire, to work in crop management with a hobby of rearing free-range chickens. A hobby soon turned into a business when Paul and his wife recognised the noticeable difference in taste and quality of his home-grown chicken.

Today, Dr Paul Talling manages his small farm in detail, ensuring little waste, the highest welfare, and natural tussocky pastures for his chickens to roam. Paul's chickens are grown slowly at their own pace, unlike commercial farms who opt for intensive farming techniques, downgrading quality and animal welfare for efficiency and cheaper costs. The difference is in the taste. Paul is used to hearing his chicken is the tastiest chicken they have ever had, and his response; "What I've always known is that real flavour comes from age and that's why I've striven for a bird that grows a little slower than the commercial operators who are all about fast turnaround. One week extra can make a huge difference to flavour but getting to somewhere like a month to six weeks more brings a massive flavour impact."

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About the cut

Whole Chicken

Our free range chicken is great taste award-winning and from small farms that rear their chickens slowly. Fed a nutritious, natural and varied diet, these tasty chickens enjoy a life on lush pastures and are left to roam and forage. The result of this welfare rich life is wholesome, succulent and delicious chicken that tastes like chicken should.

About the breed

always free range

chicken how it should be

Tasting notes:
natural, distinct, wholesome

We use breeds of chicken that are suited to the outdoor environment in which they are raised. For our free range chicken we use high welfare systems coupled with traditional farming techniques so that our birds plump up gradually. This ensures the proper flavour and eating quality we should expect of chicken.

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