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Monthly CEO Update | December 2020

Blog • December 31st 2020

Festive greetings from Ripon. I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas from my team and I. Thank you for all of your support and correspondence this year. The above picture is of Fountains Abbey, just a few miles up the road from our base, and where we source our parkland venison, and a local landmark.

If you're enjoying food today from Farmison & Co, it means so much that you would use our meat for your Christmas feast.

Do take a look at the recipes found on our website or attached to your order receipt. They've been written specifically for every item on the website to make preparing your Christmas food as smooth as possible.

With a final twist in the last weeks as to how we would be able to celebrate Christmas, this year might be different as planned. On a recent trip up the Dale, the thought of there being 'no room at the inn' sprung to mind.

The murky Dales also brought to mind the image of the shepherds watching their flocks by night. In the fading light, I saw farmers on their quad bikes, sheepdogs in tow, zooming up the misty hilltops. Despite the quadbikes, as a profession, the herder's life hasn't changed much for two thousand years. This continuity reassures me as we look ahead to the new year.

I always take stock at Christmas, and I am optimistic we will be back to normal soon. In the past months, we have been invigorated by the addition of new farms to the fold, new apprentices learning a trade, and bolstered by the tremendous support of our customers.

In 2021 we are on hand to supply you with quality, British meat whatever the year ahead brings. Think of us when you need food. Our supply chain proved itself more robust than our much bigger rivals when it mattered, and we're shaking up the industry, changing how things are done for the better.

Next year, the focus of my team and I is sustainability. We are building something to last, and we will be prioritising our environmental responsibilities, as well as providing meaningful work to the local community.

Thank you to all those who took the time to write to me over the course of the year. You are welcome to contact me with any thoughts or feedback about your Christmas food via [email protected]. I always make time to read your comments.

On behalf of my amazing team, I would like to give my thanks for helping our vision of making accessible, better meat a reality.

Happy Christmas.

John Pallagi

CEO and Founder of Farmison & Co