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Introducing Our New Eco Packaging

Blog • June 2nd 2021
new eco friendly packaging

We are delighted to announce the launch of our eco-packaging. The need for sustainable, greener, product packaging has never been greater, and we are confident this is the best available option for us.

At Farmison & Co, our key focus is to ensure our packaging can be recycled, reused or returned. We made careful steps to ensure introducing an eco-friendly option would not compromise the quality from our base in Ripon to your doorstep.

Our new eco-packaging goes beyond recycling, made from felted wool - a natural and excellent insulator and a by-product of the sheep industry, For an additional charge of £3.99, you can now ensure sustainable outer packaging for your order, they can be composted, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil.

We are on a mission to reduce the use of plastic, testing ways to ensure all fresh, cut to order meat can be supplied in a more sustainable way. We will still offer our standard packaging of polystyrene, for all its faults, it is robust and can be recycled by returning it to us via courier. But with ambitious targets being set, things must change, and our eco-packaging is only the start of our efforts when it comes to packaging.

We will cover the cost of the return with a voucher of up to £6 to use on your next shop. All you need to do is send the original cardboard outer box with a courier of your choice, for further information on returning your packaging click here.

To select Eco-Packaging, click to 'add' in your basket before you checkout, and help us to help you eat better meat sustainably as possible. If you are an existing subscriber to personalised boxes, you can add eco packaging by managing the subscription in your account.