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How to Save Energy in the Kitchen? 10 Energy Saving Tips

Blog • November 14th 2022

Our energy saving tips are here to help you cut down your usage whilst still eating well this winter. This advice comes directly from the kitchen of our Executive Chef Jeff Baker. Jeff is Michelin starred, has cooked for The Queen and Barack Obama and worked alongside some of the world's most respected chefs such as Pierre Koffmann. It is safe to say he knows his way around a kitchen! He also knows the importance of saving energy and cutting down waste.

"Whilst working in busy pro kitchens it was always important to keep tight controls on both energy & food waste. Looking after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves was never more appropriate. Here's a few energy saving tips to implement into the home kitchen."

Table of Contents:

  1. Basic Energy Saving Tips
  2. Energy Efficient Cooking Appliances
  3. Dual Cooking
  4. Steam Cooking
  5. The Correct Fridge/Freezer Controls
  6. Batch Cooking to Save Energy
  7. Defrosting
  8. Dining Together
  9. Any Leftovers
  10. The End, Washing Up


There are a few basic steps everyone can take to save energy in the kitchen. Here are some practices you should try to do:

  • Switch off any sockets that are on standby.
  • Only fill and boil your kettle with the amount of water you need each time.
  • Always pop a lid on a pan when bringing to the boil
  • If using instantly boiling water, use the kettle first and then transfer to a pan on the hob.


One of our top energy saving tips is to choose the best cooking appliance for the job. Although kitchen appliances might have an upfront cost, they can help you save money and energy in the long run by offering more energy efficient cooking. Some of the best appliances to save energy in the kitchen are:

  • Slow cookers
  • Air fryers
  • Microwaves

A slow cooker requires less energy than a traditional domestic oven. It also can give superb results from curry and stew recipes to deliciously tender beef joints and succulent lamb. Air fryers are this years 'on trend' kitchen appliance. Once you know how to get the best results from them, they will become indispensable in your kitchen. Microwaves are much more energy efficient for reheating. They also help you save energy by creating less waste & mess than using the hob.


One of our top energy saving tips for the kitchen is to cook multiple things at once. By this we mean, plan your timings when making a meal so that everything can be cooking in the oven at the same time. This way you can reduce how long your oven needs to be on for. Save energy whilst making a traditional roast dinner, by planning so that your side dishes can all roast together. For example, tray baking a selection of roots & potatoes all at once works well. Tray bakes also are super easy to prepare & save on using multiple heat sources.


One energy saving tip that few people know is that cooking your vegetables in steamer baskets can reduce energy wastage. It can also give you great, nutrient packed results. Simply add extra steamer baskets of veg depending on their individual cook times. This saves from using many pans on the hob at once. You can also use your steamer to cook bao buns which are delicious served with pulled pork or duck.


Your fridge and freezer are big kitchen appliances that can draw a lot of energy. One way to save energy in the kitchen is to make sure they are running efficiently. Here are some ways which you can be more energy efficient with your fridge and freezer:

  • Don't over fill any compartments
  • Make sure you leave a gap of 10cm minimum between your groceries and the back of your fridge. This is very important so air can circulate properly and not cause the cooling system to overwork.
  • Don't put hot food into either of the compartments. This can heat up the internal temperature of the fridge or freezer. The motor must then work harder using more energy to cool the space down again.
  • Think about what you require before opening the door.


Batch cooking meals is a great way to save energy in the kitchen. Not only is it economical but it also saves time for busy routines. Simply increase the quantities of ingredients so you make extra portions. This means you will use a little bit more energy once, but then have more meals for later. Beef mince and chicken thighs are great options for batch cooking. Once cooked, divide into smaller portions to cool quickly. Then freeze or store in the fridge ready to reheat in the microwave.


When defrosting food, one way you can save energy is to do this slowly. Rather than using a microwave and additional energy, plan ahead and defrost your food slowly in the fridge. This may take more organisation but it will help you save energy in the kitchen.


This energy saving tip is not always possible in this hectic lifestyle we all seem to have. However, eating your meals all together can reduce your household energy usage. This is because energy resources are being shared once, rather than used individually multiple times. What's more, you can enjoy the fun of eating together. Our eat better meat box for families is perfect for those hoping to eat healthily and save energy this winter.


Planning your meals properly is a great way to save energy in the kitchen. If you have a roast for example, decide what to do with any leftovers at the initial stage of cooking. This can minimise wasted energy usage. Cold meat leftover sandwiches & salads work really well and there's little additional heat source required.


Being efficient with your washing up is another way of saving energy in the kitchen. If washing by hand, it is much more efficient to wash up all together than continually turning the taps on and off again. You may have heard that washing up by hand saves energy over using the dishwasher. However, most modern dishwashers are super efficient and can be the best option especially for larger families.


We hope these energy saving tips will help you cut down costs whilst cooking at home. Part of our mission at Farmison & Co is to make restaurant quality meat available in the house. This means you can save money by dining in whilst still enjoying gourmet style meals. Using our energy saving tips can help you save even more. Whether you are planning a festive Christmas dinner, a special date night me, or just trying to keep the family running smoothly, Eat Better Meat this winter with Farmison & Co.