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News from the Dales - Our April Update

Blog • March 31st 2017

As the days grow warmer, the evenings get brighter and the fields fill with blooming buds and newborn lambs, we welcome Spring and all the beauty it brings.

Chris Berry reports on the newest farm arrivals, heralding Spring-watch currently in full flow and the dedication of our local farmers throughout this all important lambing and calving season. CLICK HERE to read the article in full.

Meanwhile, Easter is on the horizon, promising the perfect occasion to gather with family around the table and enjoy our finest fare in celebration. Be sure to browse our special collection ready to leave a lasting impression with your diners this Easter.

Our choice centrepieces include:

This month you'll also find 2 new cuts within our range, reinvented by our Master Butcher Andrew, ready for you to enjoy.

The FILLET BARREL STEAK and PORK RUMP CUSHION will be live on the site this coming week, so whether your preference is beef or pork, there's something new to get your teeth into, along with a recipe card to ensure you cook them to perfection.

As well as our occasion cuts and new additions, we can't forget about the weekly essentials including our quality, flavoursome prime steak mince, helping you to eat better meat all week. Browse our vast collection of mid-week RECIPES FOR INSPIRATION, and choose our heritage breed, grass fed mid-week essentials, to ensure your dish tastes as good as it possibly can.