Large Black

Big & Beautiful Traditional Hogs

Native Breed Rare Breed

With its large lop ears, the Large Black is Britain's only all-black pig, well known for its ability to thrive in outdoor systems. The Large Black is classified by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as 'vulnerable' with just 200-300 breeding sows left in the UK. However, growing demand for meat produced from traditional breeds of pigs raised extensively is now encouraging more enthusiastic breeders to rear Large Blacks. Large Blacks live outside, they are natural foragers and very efficient feed converters, they adore the windfall apples from a walled garden orchard. They live longer lives than other pigs enjoying exercise and thriving in the free roaming, stress free environment provided by the beautiful countryside.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Traditional, Unctuous

14 Days Dry-Aged Large Black Pork Chop

2 X 300g (10.6oz)



7 Day Dry-Aged Large Black Pork T Bone Steak

2 X 330g (11.6oz)



7 Day Dry-Aged Large Black Flat Pork Belly

1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb)



7 Day Dry-Aged Large Black Pork Shoulder Joint

1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb)