The Flower of Scottish Cattle Breeding

Native Breed

The Highland is an instantly recognisable Scottish favourite, and a true heritage breed. Its shaggy coat and short legs mean it is well suited to grazing on steep valley sides or on windswept moors, in often tough conditions. Its unqiue long in the mouth flavour results from the Highland taking longer to mature. This lets the flavour develop naturally, giving it an almost gamey character. This, and the fact the Highland is well marbled but not excessively so, makes this beef very popular with chefs.

Tasting Notes: Long, Umami, Unique

Highland Fore Rib Of Beef 60 Day Dry Aged

A stunning rustic beef centrepiece of Prime Fore Rib Meat

1 X 2.6Kg (5.7lb)


Extra Matured

Highland Sirloin Of Beef 60 Day Dry Aged

Our classic unrolled Sirloin Joint

1 X 2Kg (4.4lb)


Extra Matured

Highland Rump Joint 60 Day Dry Aged

A hugely flavoursome roasting joint for your Christmas Centrepiece.

1 X 2Kg (4.4lb)


Extra Matured

32 Days Dry-Aged Highland Rib Eye Steak

4 X 250g (8.8oz)


32 Days Dry-Aged Highland Rump Steak

2 X 200g (7.1oz)


32 Days Dry-Aged Highland Cote De Boeuf

1 X 900g (2lb)