The Symbol of the Welsh Marches

Native Breed

The Hereford is most at home on lush grass meadows, like those to be found in the fertile Welsh Marches. In the Dales this heritage breed is more often than not found grazing on the flat valley bottoms, where they convert pasture into the luscious beef that made the breed so popular during the agricultural revolution of the 1700s. The Hereford’s winning quality is the neat layer of fat to be found on its cuts, which gives the beef succulence and its hearty and beefy flavour.

Tasting Notes: Classic, Beefy, Deep

32 Days Dry-Aged Hereford Sirloin Steak

2 X 250g (8.8oz)


32 Days Dry-Aged Hereford Rib Eye Steak

2 X 250g (8.8oz)