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Dexter Beef Mince


Pint sized ancient Irish cattle

Tasting notes:
gamey, mellow, sweet

Weight: 1 x 500g

Serves: 4

Shelf life: Min 3 days

Available: Any delivery date



This Dexter beef mince reflects why this breed of cattle is so revered and such a favourite for chefs and home cooks alike. This is our butcher's classic, and the mince for traditional family cooking. The mince is cut slightly thicker than our Extra Lean Mince and is typically 90% fat free. This ensures delicious, savoury flavour for satisfying meals. This beef mince is a great all-rounder, working well in everyday dishes from Bolognese to burgers.

Best for: ragu, bolognese, lasagne, burgers, cottage pie

Manufactured on a site which handles wheat/barley (gluten), milk, egg, soya, mustard, sesame, celery, fish & sulphites.

How to cook

The perfect all-rounder, try turning this beef into koftas, browning the meat before slow cooking them to give added succulence and flavour. This blend also works well in traditional ragu for spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne and cottage pie. View our recipe guide for more tips.

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Executive Chef Jeff Baker

Best for: Ragu, Bolognese, Lasagne, Burgers, Cottage Pie

About the cut

Minced Beef

Everyday beef mince is a staple of the butcher's trade, but nowadays the focus is often on making the beef go as far as possible. Our approach for mince is different, to ensure nutritious and wholesome eating. The beasts used are in their prime and grass fed, while the cuts have been dry aged for no more than 14 days.

About the breed


Pint sized ancient Irish cattle

Tasting notes:
gamey, mellow, sweet

The smallest breed of cattle in Europe, the Dexter was bred in Tipperary in the 1750s from descendants of the ancient black cattle kept by the early Celts. Dexters were endangered in the 1930s, but now thanks to their ability to mature early feeding on grass and the impeccable eating quality of its neat, small cuts, the breed is bouncing back. This welcome resurgence has been aided hugely by frequent television appearances, and chefs heralding the standout quality of its beef.

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