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7 Day Dry-Aged Holstein Veal Cutlet

Region: Staffordshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 2 2 X 120g (4.2oz) £9.95
/ £4.98 each
Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Delivery Restrictions Great Britain

A veal specialty, prepared in the Continental style, but made with prime, milk fed English veal. Suited to breading and quick frying, with characteristic close texture, and delicate flavour, this is the European delicacy at its best. Sourced exclusively from English farms with high welfare standards, Veal Cutlets are an ideal introduction to the quality of our veal.

Also known as the Round Steak, Veal Cutlets are taken from the loin of veal, left on the bone as a prime chop. The pale, pink colour and tight texture of this prime veal is what makes it so prized. With veal coming into fashion again as chefs look to ethical sources, Veal Cutlets are increasingly in demand as a prime cut for restaurant menus.

A restaurant favourite for showcasing the properties of veal, Veal Cutlets are best suited for grilling, and are a favourite the year round in a range of classic European dishes. Try pairing with buttered spinach, polenta, and shavings of a mature cheese of your choice for delicious eating.

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  • This product cannot be delivered between 14th December 2018 and 19th December 2018