14 Days Dry-Aged Yorkshire Pig Pork Rump Joint

Region: Yorkshire, UK

Shelf Life: 5 Days

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Known as a chef's cut, the pork rump's small size lends itself to cooking for smaller tables, and is made flavoursome and succulent by the ample covering of fat. The impressive character of the meat, and the long in the mouth porky flavour reflects the rich diets of our outdoor reared hogs which are allowed to mature at their own pace for the best results in the kitchen.

The Yorkshire Pig is the world’s most popular breed. They’ve been exported to all corners of the globe due to their ability to get big quick, and provide consistent pork with strong, porky flavour. When sourcing our Yorkshires, we source hogs who are reared to maturity at a slow pace, in the great outdoors. This ensures the melting succulence when cooked, and the beautiful creamy character.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Succulent, Creamy

A fantastic example of a forgotten cut in the United Kingdom, the pork rump is covered in the ample fat cover that pork butchers look for, and is increasingly in demand from chefs rediscovering its succulent quality. Sourced from farms that have been producing heritage breed pork for generations, with proven consistency, this is British pork at its very best.
Pork rump joints are so popular with chefs because it allows them to present neat roasting joints for smaller tables, alongside carefully chosen side dishes, but they also make for great slow roast at home. Try roasting on a trivet of onion, carrot, and celeriac to give the joint aroma, and serve with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, and apple sauce.
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