Lamb Valentine Steak

Luscious Hearts of Prime English Lamb

A prime steak of English lamb, Valentine Steaks offer exceptionally tender and succulent hearts of lamb loin, ideal for romantic meals or dinner parties. Skilfully prepared and trimmed by our Master Butcher, the impressive flavour of these wholesome steaks reflects the quality of the lush pastures where our flocks mature to their natural potential.

So named for their resemblance to a love heart, a neat Valentine's Steak requires skill on the butcher's part. Taken from the loin, the butcher must carefully butterfly the chop by scoring the meat down the middle and pulling into a large steak. The lamb loin is considered the most prized part of the animal for the butcher, with the meat here very flavoursome and tender.

The quality of the lamb loin, and the attractive shape of the Valentine Steak makes for fantastic meals the year round. To fry, add to a hot pan on a high heat, cooking for four to five minutes on each side for a medium rare finish, before leaving to rest for a few minutes. Serve with garlic roasted wedges, tomatoes, and olives for a romantic supper for two.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Lamb Valentine Steak

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Swaledale 14 Days 4 4 X 125g (4.4oz) North York Moors National Park £14.95
/ £3.74 each
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Texel 14 Days 4 4 X 125g (4.4oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £14.95
/ £3.74 each
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