Lamb Tomahawk

A Rustic, Meaty on the Bone Succulent Chop

The Lamb Tomahawk is a rustic thin chop with outstanding flavour. Just like a classic lamb chop the Tomahawk boasts the succulent rib meat and taste you can expect from our lamb with the meat left on untrimmed on the long rib bone. This makes for a delicious cut of lamb as the bone gives the meat extra depth of flavour. Perfect for marinating or popping under the grill or on the barbecue. Ideal for personal treats, mixed grills, barbecues, and dinner parties.

The history of the chop in modern butchery stretches back to the 17th century, when “Chop Houses” began serving individual portions of meat to punters. This Tomahawk style chop however is owed to recent trends in American butchery. These Lamb Tomahawk chops are cut from the loin and into the ribs, including the full length of the bone which holds the meat together, and offers an attractive cut, of sweet succulence.

The quality of our free-range lamb makes for delicious chops, perfect for delicious mid week meals. Simple to cook, these are perfect for grilling, cooking on the BBQ paired with buttered new potatoes, fresh mint relish and grilled vine tomatoes.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Lamb Tomahawk

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Texel 14 Days 2 4 X 120g (4.2oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £11.75
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