Lamb Noisette

A Delicious Steak of Natural Lamb

Taken from the lamb loin, Lamb Noisettes are incredibly tender, with the tied cylinder of lamb boasting immaculate fat covering and a neat appearance. As such it's ideal for dinner parties, with the steak lending itself to roasting on a high heat and the impressive flavour reflecting the quality of the lush pastures where our flocks mature on diets of wild flowers, herbs and natural grasses.

Taken from the same part of the loin as the Canon Steak, Lamb Noisettes are boned and tied into a neat ‘round’ of meat. The loin is considered the most valuable part of the lamb, with the meat here very flavoursome and tender. Matured to concentrate the flavour, these steaks are sourced from small hill farms who do things traditionally to promise only the best quality.

A real chef's dish, having entered British butchery traditions by the influence of French cuisine. The Lamb Noisettes themselves make for a delicious treat as a dinner party cut of choice. To cook, roast on a high heat until you get a rich, golden finish, and serve with creamy mashed potato, tender greens, and mint scented gravy.

Our recipe tips for cooking your lamb noisette
Breed Dry Aged Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Texel 14 Days 4 4 X 120g (4.2oz) North York Moors National Park £16.45
/ £4.11 each
Texel 14 Days 2 2 X 120g (4.2oz) North York Moors National Park £8.45
/ £4.23 each

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