Steaks & Chops

Our steaks and chops showcase the deep flavour of our native breed flocks, reared in the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbrian Fells, with ample fat cover to offer character and succulence whether under the grill or in the pan. Each cut is matured in our dedicated dry aging room before being skilfully prepared on the block, trimmed, and dispatched fresh ready for cooking. As such our lamb steaks and chops make for fine dining the year round, with wholesome eating quality.

More Information Lamb Noisette

Lamb Noisette

A Delicious Steak of Natural Lamb

More Information Lamb Barnsley Chop

Barnsley Chop

The Yorkshire Favourite of Loin Chop

More Information Lamb Leg Steak

Lamb Leg Steak

Thin, Flavoursome Quick Cook Slices

More Information Lamb Rib Rack Of Lamb

Rib Rack Of Lamb

A French Trimmed Rack of Lamb

More Information Mini Rib Lamb Rack

Mini Rib Lamb Rack

Individual Portions of Trimmed Lamb Rib Racks

More Information Lamb Cannon Steak

Lamb Canon Steak

A Delicious Steak of Natural Lamb

More Information Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop

Sweet, Succulent and Versatile Lamb Chops

More Information Lamb Cutlet

Lamb Cutlet

Tender, Juicy Cutlet of Prime Lamb

More Information Lamb Valentine Steak

Lamb Valentine Steak

Luscious Hearts of Prime English Lamb

More Information Lamb Tomahawk

Lamb Tomahawk

Stunning on the Bone Succulent Chop

More Information Lamb Rump Steak

Lamb Rump Steak

Succulent Portions of Lamb Rump with Ample Fat Covering

More Information Lamb Shoulder Chop

Lamb Shoulder Chop

Classic Butcher's Cut of Tender, Juicy Lamb