Mini Lamb Leg Joint

A Lamb Roasting Joint For Smaller Tables

A smaller lamb roasting joint, also suited to pot roasting, and complete with the robust flavour of our lamb, sourced from the valley tops and river meadows of the Yorkshire Dales. Prepared using traditional seam butchery to give a neat joint of lamb leg perfect for smaller tables or appetites, and ideally served with classic roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and mint sauce.

This joint is cut using the art of seam butchery. That means when cutting the butcher tries to preserve entire muscles, not breaking up the natural state of the meat, and therefore preserving it as best as possible for cooking. It's a time consuming process, one that takes great skill to cut immaculate joints, but well worth the effort ensuring perfect finishes to the meat when cooked.

A favourite of chefs for serving roasted meat to smaller tables, this joint boasts the character and flavour of the traditional leg, but is much smaller in stature. As such it only requires a short time for roasting, while the seam butchery preserves the natural state of the meat for succulent texture. Serve with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and rosemary scented gravy.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Mini Lamb Leg Joint

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Breed Serves Weight Region Price Quantity
Dalesbred 2 1 X 450g (15.9oz)   £9.95
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Spring Lamb Suffolk 2 1 X 450g (15.9oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £9.95
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Masham 2 1 X 450g (15.9oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £9.95
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Teeswater 2 1 X 450g (15.9oz) North Dene, Silsden
North Yorkshire
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