Roasting Joints

Our lamb roasting joints boast succulent, sweet meat, whether on or off the bone. The dry aging process relaxes the lamb into tenderness, and concentrates the flavour as moisture naturally leaves the meat, while the ample fat cover ensures a meltingly succulent finish to our roasting joints. The standout character of our lamb reflects the rich diet of wild grasses, flowers, herbs, and heathers our flocks mature upon, ideal for special centrepieces.

More Information Leg Of Lamb

Leg Of Lamb

Whole Leg of Lamb Left on the Bone

More Information Saddle of Lamb Image

Saddle Of Lamb

Prime Lamb Loin Roasting Joint

More Information Stuffed Saddle of Lamb Image

Stuffed Saddle Of Lamb

A Specialty Celebration Roasting Joint

More Information Lamb Leg Roll

Lamb Leg Roll

Whole Lamb Leg Rolled and Boned

More Information Lamb Shoulder Joint

Lamb Shoulder Joint

A Slow Roasting Joint for Succulence and Flavour

More Information Lamb Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder

A Rustic Slow Roasting Favourite

More Information Lamb Breast

Lamb Breast

Rich and Gelatinous Perfect for Slow Cooking

More Information Mini Lamb Leg Joint

Mini Lamb Leg Joint

A Lamb Roasting Joint For Smaller Tables

More Information Loin Of Lamb

Loin Of Lamb

English Lamb Loin for Flavour and Succulence

More Information Butterflied Lamb Leg

Butterflied Lamb Leg

Whole Leg of Lamb Deboned and Butterflied