Lamb Neck Fillet

Beautifully Marbled with Sweet, Succulent Meat

The Neck Fillet is prized by butchers, with the ample marbling making it sweet, very tender, and perfect for slow cooks. Indeed, this cut is increasingly finding its way onto restaurant specials boards and is a good introduction to our alternative cuts of lamb. Ours are characterized by the quality of the grazing of our flocks, with subtle differences in the diet of the lamb changing the taste of the rich meat, depending on the geographic location.

A forgotten cut, once again returning to British butcher's boards as chefs rediscover the fantastic quality of the Neck Fillet. This cut is particularly well marbled, which is something butchers look for to know the meat is excellent as it gives tenderness and flavour in the kitchen. Once cut, the meat is carefully trimmed to give a neat fillet of lamb.

An under-appreciated cut, which offers great value and makes for very tasty and rich slow cooking. Try using as the man ingredient in your Lancashire Hot Pot or Irish Stew for fantastic results, served alongside seasonal vegetables and creamy mashed potato.

Our Recipe & Tips for Cooking Lamb Neck Fillet

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