Cured Gammon

Traditional Dry Cured Heritage Breed Gammon

Our Ripon Cathedral Cured Gammon uses a traditional butcher’s blend of salts to cure the meat and create a cut that is robust and flavoursome. The hearty flavour makes it perfect for serving as a centrepiece, as part of a buffet, or for show-stopping sandwiches. Sourced exclusively from outdoor reared Yorkshire Pig pork, once cooked at home this is artisan-cured ham at its best.

This unsmoked gammon is cured and left to air dry in our traditional salt blend, with the flavours concentrating as moisture leaves the pork. Sourced from outdoor reared Yorkshire Pigs, this gammon is cut from the hind leg of the pig, to give a good layer of fat, and once cooked at home, a rich, flavoursome ham. This is traditional pork butchery, with no change for generations to the classic recipe or method.

A fantastic gammon, ideal as a centrepiece for special occasions, or cooking up and slicing for wholesome, porky sandwiches. For a real family feast, try boiling the ham with aromatic vegetables until tender, before roasting with maple syrup and tart apples to complement the rich, porky flavour.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Ripon Cathedral Cured Gammon

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