Our gammon boasts the rich flavour and irresistible close texture characteristic of our pork. Its wholesome nature, whether you go for steaks or whole joints, is by virtue of our exclusive use of heritage breeds, with the hogs feeding in the great outdoors on hearty diets for the meat to reach its full potential, before being expertly prepared by our Master Butchers. This involves the careful application of home made and traditional cures, to enhance the pork's natural character, ready for superb home cooking.

Harrogate Cured Gammon

Cured Gammon

Traditional Dry Cured Heritage Breed Gammon

Black Bacon Joint

Black Bacon Joint

Treacle Cured Whole Bacon Joint

Harrogate Wood Smoked Gammon

Wood Smoked Gammon

Wholesome Smoked Heritage Breed Gammon

dry cured gammon steak

Dry Cured Gammon Steak

Heritage Breed Gammon Cured for Intense Porky Flavour

Gammon Shank

Dry Cured Gammon Shank

Lean Gammon Shank Cured for Delicious Pork Flavour