32 Days Dry-Aged Hereford Trimmed Rib Of Beef

Region: Holme Valley, West Yorkshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 2 1 X 1Kg (2.2lb) £27.95
/ £27.95 each
Serves: 4 1 X 1.6Kg (3.5lb) £43.50
/ £43.50 each
Serves: 6 1 X 2.6Kg (5.7lb) £70.00
/ £70.00 each
Serves: 8 1 X 3.2Kg (7.1lb) £85.95
/ £85.95 each
Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Great Britain Native Breed
A visually stunning beef centrepiece with prime rib meat, French trimmed by our Master Butcher, and left on the bone for maximum flavour. The well-marbled meat caramelises upon cooking, which coupled with the use of grass fed beef and dry age maturing techniques, makes for natural succulence and outstanding flavours. Perfect for traditional roasts or celebration dinners.

The Hereford is most at home on lush grass meadows, like those to be found in the fertile Welsh Marches. In the Dales this heritage breed is more often than not found grazing on the flat valley bottoms, where they convert pasture into the luscious beef that made the breed so popular during the agricultural revolution of the 1700s. The Hereford’s winning quality is the neat layer of fat to be found on its cuts, which gives the beef succulence and its hearty and beefy flavour.

Tasting Notes: Classic, Beefy, Deep

A feasting favourite, and French trimmed to be an attractive roasting joint from our heritage breed beef. A butcher’s favourite, the rib promises rich marbling through the joint, while the rib bone also gives the meat flavour upon cooking. To complement this, our Trimmed Ribs have been dry age matured to further tenderise this celebration joint, promising rich eating.
A feasting favourite year round, with the eye catching beef rib providing luscious, rich meat for carving, and ample bone for making broth or stock afterwards. Slow roast on a trivet for a traditional centrepiece with aroma, and serve alongside traditional seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, and creamy Mrs Bridge's horseradish sauce.
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