Bone Marrow Canoes

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

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Can Be Frozen Great Britain

Popular amongst many chefs of high repute, bone marrow canoes are a rich meaty treat. Bone marrow has been lauded for its health benefits for centuries by nearly every culture in the world. It’s deliciously rich and creamy, like meat-flavored butter. Let it melt over your steak while it’s resting. Our marrow bones are sources from the well-raised, grass-fed heritage breed cattle which we pride ourselves on.

Taken from the shin bone and skillfully cut along the length of each bone to expose the maximum marrow. A rich, creamy fat, marrow is found inside large bones. If you have never had it before, we often refer to it as meat butter. It is extremely tasty, very rich so a little goes a long way. It is prefect for enriching and adding that special extra touch to your dish.

A very much in vogue cut used by many top chefs, the rich & unctuous marrow is melting & tender which works beautifully with grilled steaks or as a rustic first course alongside a dressed parsley salad and a crisp country loaf.

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