Nidderdale Bacon Slab

Region: Farmison & Co North Yorkshire

Shelf Life: Min. 8 Days

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Great Britain

Unsliced and versatile to yield chunks and pieces of cured and dry aged bacon to suit your needs in the kitchen. Salt cured to our Master Butcher's recipe, and then dry aged in a similar fashion as Italian Pancetta or unsmoked traditional English bacon, Slab Bacon is naturally imbued with deep porky flavour. It lends itself to adding to recipes of your repertoire for extra substance and is at home in the meat larder of the home cook.

This bacon is cut from the sides of the native breed pork belly. This is the traditional way of doing things, because it yields good layers of fat which promise good taste and texture, while the red meat is naturally concentrated in flavour. This is then cured with salt and aged to enhance the flavours and to dry out the meat a bit, so that it doesn't lose too much moisture and quality when cooked.

Slab bacon is ideal as a moisturizing agent in various dishes, and is a key component of the chef’s larder. They're ideal for slow cook daubes and topping out casseroles, or else perfect for specific cut size lardons to enhance the flavours of your cooking.

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