The Grand Rump Steak Box

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

Image of a meatbox This Box Contains
1 X 600g (1.3lb) Giant Prime Rump Steak
1 X 140g (4.9oz) Cartwright & Butler Original English Mustard
Serves icon Serves 1
Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Great Britain

A special steak to truly sort the Men from the Boys, this giant Rump Steak is cut to order with the carnivore in mind, with fiery mustard to complement the luscious meat. Rumps steaks are dense in texture and rich to taste. This particular steak has been sourced from our Heritage Breed herds, reared to maturity on lush pastures before being dry aged to tenderness by our Master Butcher to guarantee immaculate eating quality packed with flavour. A perfect foodie gift for that Special Man in your Life.

This huge Rump Steak can be shared comfortably between two, or served as a single serving. Cook over very high heats, whether over coal or wood, or frying to gain a rich charred exterior, though pink inside with a core temperature of at least 56°c. Serve with the included smooth mustard, or alternatively with gentleman's relish, homemade béarnaise sauce, and potatoes sautéed in duck and goose fat, tossed with parsley and shallots.