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the nook farm

galloway beef meat box

This grass-fed beef meat box is a true showcase of the hardy Galloway breed, and the perfect way to celebrate Great British Beef Week 2022. Sourced directly from the Harrison family of Nook Farm, located just 7 miles from our HQ here in Ripon, the herd of Galloway thrive off the land amongst an abundance of wildflowers and natural grasses with curlews and lapwings nesting between the cattle.

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dexter, longhorn & hereford

the sirloin steak tasting meat box

Exclusive for Great British Beef Week 2022, this grass-fed steak meat box is a celebration of our British heritage breeds. With three different breeds of grass-fed 32-day dry aged sirloin steaks in one box, including Dexter, Longhorn and Hereford, taste the difference between heritage breed grass-fed beef for yourself at home.

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limited edition

f&co x willy's oxtail & ale pie

We have teamed up with London based pie experts, Willy's Pies, to bring the nation a limited-edition grass-fed beef oxtail, bone marrow and ale pie, just in time for Great British Beef Week. This pie is a product of artisans who are experts in their craft, from farmer to the butcher, to the chef, this is a British pie at its very best.

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discover this week's

heritage breeds

The British Isles has some of the finest beef breeds in the world, bred to perfection in the 18th and 19th centuries, to yield more marbling and fuller flavour as well as range freely in the great outdoors. These breeds became perilously close to extinction in the twentieth century with the onset of industrialised farming. Our mission is to return heritage breeds to the nation's table, with a founding principle of Farmison & Co being that the more we demand them, the more farmers will rear them.

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it's not the cow, it's the how

The meat industry is often marred by the damage caused by imported and intensively farmed food. The Holy Cow challenges the perception of what an environmentally conscious diet looks like. Red meats like cuts of beef, are a rich source of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, B vitamins and protein and an important part of people's diet.

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what is

dry aged meat?

Experiences in taste and texture are what Farmison & Co is all about, providing high quality beef cuts that produce sensations on the palate and in the mouth. Restaurateurs are in no doubt and will without question always favour dry aged beef for its constant delivery of class from grass. Farmison & Co want to bring the best quality of every type of meat and it's why they spend so much time and effort providing restaurant quality British beef cuts for home consumers.

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Sustainability mission

We are committed to generate a positive impact for people and planet by producing a local, healthy, and tasty product. Our focus on better meat stands for environmental protection and stakeholder engagement, which provide purpose to everything we do.

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